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Choosing a Great Marketing Partner for Growth

Are you trying to get more from your marketing and not sure who to turn to? You’re not alone! The choices are overwhelming – social media, websites, case studies, videos, SEO, design, advertising…

If you’re a small software business, there are two ways to go about finding someone to help with your marketing strategy.

If you do know what you want, maybe a press release or a new website, then you need to go directly to a specialist, a website designer or a copywriter, who will be best placed to deliver to your requirements.

If you don’t, then it makes sense to turn to a full-service marketing agency that offers a complete range of marketing services combined with an understanding of how you work and how they can work for your software business.

Ideally, as a small software business, your search for a successful marketing partner should lead you to an agency that offers a complete range of services, combining Content (website, case studies, thought leadership, video, design, advertising etc), Process (Based on a proven methodology) and Automation (harnessing Google, LinkedIn, Marketing Automation Technology).

And, by choosing a smaller, local agency you’ll be met with an open mind, an offer of an informal introductory chat and an invitation to bounce around a few ideas. With a smaller agency, you don’t need to go in with a plan, but there’s a very good chance you will come out with one!

Unlike larger agencies looking for large clients with a clear brief, a smaller agency will be more likely to see themselves as a partner, helping you to determine your strategy and identify which elements of their service will work best for you.

Terry Forsey Consulting is a full-service digital marketing agency with a capable and experienced team ready and waiting to help you find out what it is you want from your marketing!