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Content May Be King, But Provocative Content Is The Ace......

Writing ServicesYour content has just seconds to capture interest, and that initial exposure will determine if the reader wants to invest more time or simply move on. People are unlikely to continue after a lukewarm introduction - there's simply too much competition out there.

The quote in the title above is taken from 'Million Dollar Web Presence' by Chad Barr and Alan Weiss, and in this context provocative means thought-provoking or compelling. The duo recommend the following engaging content for websites:

  • Be edgy, but not aggressive;
  • Challenge and amuse, don't brag or boast;
  • Make your homepage memorable - you want people to tell their colleagues 'You must visit this site!'

With these points in mind, make it your New Year's resolution to revisit your website and all the content you produced over the last 12 months.

Use analytics to gauge how successful it was, and ask yourself did it actively encourage people to engage with your business?

Following on from this, have you determined your target audience? This is a good way to gain clarity and ensure your content is aimed correctly.

This may all seem a daunting prospect, but we suggest you take the first steps by updating the main pages of your website.

Ensure your Home page is up to date, and add to your Service pages where needed.

Have you written a blog lately? If you haven't, get writing! This is a great way to drive people to your website if you share it far and wide on social media platforms.

Customer success stories are a worthwhile addition to your website too. These prove your credibility, offer proof of your goods and services, and create interest for other potential clients. Appeal to their problems by explaining your product or service as a solution using real-life examples.

Your website should have a Resources section - make sure any whitepapers, brochures, reports and videos are added and are the latest versions.

Remember to:

  • Invest in quality over quantity
  • Establish for whom you are writing the content;
  • Use real-life client examples;
  • Include a clear call to action.

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