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Google AdWords - Time to Embrace Change…

Mobile Phone Searches

In all honesty, nobody likes change. We're all pretty much creatures of habit and change unsettles us.

The news that Google was dropping its right-hand side ad bar was disappointing news for small to medium advertisers using Google Adwords.

The reality is that life is going to get more challenging, as now a maximum of only seven text ads will show at any one time - down from the previous 11.

Google, in their defence, say that this has been designed to give a consistent experience across desktop, tablet and mobile formats and that it's an improvement (well, they would, wouldn't they?).

Ads will now either appear at the top above the free listings on the left, or at the bottom of the page, but there are some concerns that people seldom scroll to the bottom of the page so these won't be seen.

OK, so that's the new situation, so the question is what are we going to do about it?

Here are some wise words from Larry Kim, founder of Wordstream:

"I had a good chuckle reading some of the doomsday predictions this morning.

We did some actual analysis here and what I can tell you is that Side Ad and Bottom ads account for 14.6% of total click volume (this is looking across thousands of accounts). Keep in mind that ‘Bottom of Page Ads’ aren’t going away. So, for starters, we’re talking less than 14.6% of clicks impacted by the change.

We agree with Larry, and recommend that we all rise to this new challenge.

With a high proportion of searches carried out on mobiles, these new changes won’t result in total doom and gloom. We need to look at the positives:

  • We can still achieve success if we have longer-tail keywords,
  • All ads can now show a range of extensions – callouts, sitelinks, locations etc. to drive additional engagement,
  • Ads appear more intuitive so will increase engagement,
  • It’s not just about Ads, perhaps now is the time to improve your SEO.

Google Adwords

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