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How to Build a Winning Marketing Process

Are you struggling to successfully combine sales led engagement and marketing led engagement activities to achieve effective lead generation?

Businesses face 2 key challenges when it comes to deciding, managing and measuring marketing activities:

  1. To produce a regular programme of compelling relevant and well written content that is interesting and engaging to potential customers.
  2. To drive sufficient traffic to their website through SEO, PPC, social media, blogs and email.

Smaller businesses can’t afford to spend time chasing casual enquiries.

They need to work together with marketing to understand which leads are sales-ready and have been qualified.

The challenge is to understand how certain marketing activities (listed above) will fit into the process of attracting, engaging and nurturing potential customers, ultimately resulting in sales-ready leads.

Sales and Marketing Funnel

We can support you through this and help you manage your entire sales and marketing process from start to finish.    

Our winning methodology has been developed to help smaller software businesses choose the right marketing tools. It will support a successful sales and marketing strategy that results in lead generation and sales growth.  

Get in touch with us today on 01536 771440 and request a free no obligation consultation. Visit our website for more information.   

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