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Join two of the UK leading experts on business growth as they show you how to have total visibility of your prospects’ activities.

Ian Luckett is a professional business growth expert, specialising in the IT and tech industry. Ian has many years of experience within his field and now dedicates much of his time to creating free and readily available content on his YouTube channel, Innovate to Success.

Innovate to Success equips business owners and leaders with the tools that they require, to enable them to bridge the gap between the mind of a technical business owner, and ultimately business growth success. Ian Luckett achieves this by implementing his straight forward growth strategy, ‘Drive for Success’.

Terry Forsey is an expert in sales and marketing and has been providing his high-level knowledge through consultancy with more than 20 years of experience in the software marketing industry.

In this new video series, the IT Experts Podcast, Ian is joined by Terry to discuss every level of business that must be analysed and at times, adjusted to thrive in the software industry.

In this four-part series we will take you through the entire marketing process, from generating qualified sales leads, maximising lead engagement, to how developing and implementing a proven smart marketing methodology can enable you to have total visibility of your prospects’ activities.

Join Ian and Terry to gain a wider understanding of how proven marketing techniques, when aligned with your customer’s buying process, can greatly improve the marketing efficiency and effectiveness of your overall operation.

Enjoy this free series of 4 short videos, to unlock the power of a winning smart marketing system and ultimately, win yourself more customers.