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Looking to maximise your sales figures? Seek expert help.

Sometimes you need to ask for help from an expert to achieve your goals. 

Our knowledge and expertise in the software and technology sector helps businesses achieve consistent sales performance across the board, month after month.

How do we help?

Firstly, we review your current performance and sales activity. Then, we build a process using each of the following key stages:

  • Prospect identification - finding relevant engaged leads in the market
  • Qualification - identifying the right leads in which to invest time
  • Needs analysis/discovery - finding out more, understanding pain points and needs
  • Solution demonstration/presentation of value proposition - showing how to solve these problems
  • Priced proposal/quotation - the documented solution for clients' needs
  • Proof - relevant evidence of success with other clients
  • Negotiation/objection handling - ironing out the wrinkles
  • Close - completing the deal

For each of these, we clearly determine and communicate:

  • Tasks to be undertaken
  • Procedures to follow
  • Key messages
  • Next steps

Our Sales Consultancy service has been used by a variety of clients, and has achieved outstanding results.

To help your sales team achieve great results, work with Terry, a leading, proven, skilled software and technology sector sales consultant - contact us today to find out more.