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NEW 5 MINUTE GUIDE: The Top Five Types of Content to Generate More Leads

5 Minute Guide to the Top Five Types of Content to Generate More LeadsDoes your content have the necessary 'oomph' to get you noticed in a very busy, noisy, crowded marketplace?

Do you know what works best and understand what you should be creating in order to generate more leads and achieve success in 2016?

If you're feeling a little unsure and could do with some help and advice, please download our new '5 Minute Guide: The Top Five Types of Content to Generate More Leads'.

This guide has been written specifically with smaller software businesses in mind, and outlines the top five types of content which we know will attract interest in your company and ultimately generate those vital leads.

It will also explain the differences between each type and how they can be used in the sales and marketing process, and furthermore underlines the importance of quality over quantity.

To give you a brief taster, the topics covered include:

  • The marketing video;
  • Customer testimonials and success stories;
  • Marketing e-mails;
  • Blogs
  • Company whitepapers and five minute guides.

Remember, you literally have just seconds to attract people's attention, so your content must be compelling right from the beginning.

Download Guide

That initial exposure will determine if your target audience read on or simply move on.

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