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Prosper Planning - The New 14 P's of Effective Digital Marketing Planning

As you will be aware, the world has changed. The COVID – 19 pandemic will have taught you many lessons in business, some of which, you could never have anticipated. The vast majority of organisations globally, including yours, now must reinvent their offerings and processes, to align with this new world that the year of 2020 has positioned us all in.

The realisation for your business may be similar to that of others - digital marketing has become the norm. Deriving from the need for distance and cleanliness to be at the top of everyone’s agenda, the lack of physical sales and marketing has led to businesses needing to make a decision.

Do you simply continue with your existing marketing practices in a bid to simply survive, or, do you adapt, learn and implement dynamic strategies that can enable you to thrive?

Allow us to introduce you to our dynamic strategy, known simply as ‘The Fourteen P’s’. Prosper Planning is a comprehensive process consisting of our 14 Ps, this enables the creation of a winning digital marketing tactical plan.