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Read Tom's Story - Discover the challenges he faced to sell his software?

Many smaller software and technology companies we work with approach us in the first place because they are struggling to successfully sell their software and grow their business.

Many of the customers we work with have developed their own software and they know it inside and out. What we do is to help them understand their customer’s pains and challenges clearly so that they can develop a customer centric sales process. One which is focused on how to sell software and use consultative techniques to demonstrate how their solution will solve the customer's problem.

Meet Tom…

“We have developed some great software and are able to deliver engaging and detailed software demonstrations when we do get in front of a prospective buyer. Buyers are always very enthusiastic about our demonstrations and are fully aware of the positive impact that our software would have within their organisation.

We face a number of problems though.

Firstly, our website explains everything about our software in lots of detail but it feels detached from any marketing plans and activities. We simply struggle to understand the right and most effective approach to lead generation for our business.

Secondly, our sales meetings are sporadic, we can’t seem to duplicate a one off success into a repeatable process. Our sales and marketing plan is non-existent and we don’t know where to begin”

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