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Simple Data Segmentation to Win More Business

Do you have a marketing database that you email to on a regular basis? If so, are you segmenting your data?

You might only sell one software service, but, it's very likely that you will have different types of customers. For email marketing to be effective you need to carefully consider what messages and content goes out to each 'customer type'.

If you have never segmented your data before, here are 6 reasons why as a smaller software business in the b2b environment, you should seriously consider it:

  1. Customers are all different and one-size-doesn’t-fit-all. An email that goes out to one customer (and delivers value) might be completely irrelevant to another. Be careful not to flood your entire database with blanket messaging.  
  2. Not all customers will be in the same stage of the buying cycle. A sensible first step would be to segment your leads and your customers.  If you use a marketing automation platform you will be able to analyse your email response data and discover exactly what your database is interested in and what content they engage with, and what they don’t. You will also be able to identify where the lead came from at the beginning and what it was that they were interested in.
  3. If you can customise your content to suit a segment, you should also build special offers and valuable free content (whitepapers, infographics, videos, how-to downloads, top 10 tips etc.) specifically for them.
  4. By segmenting your data and sending targeted and customised email content, you will gain a better click-through rate, improved deliverability, AND valuable email engagement will help push leads further along the sales and marketing funnel.
  5. For a b2b software developer, if you can segment by company position and target the decision maker with tailored messaging this should help strengthen your sales pipeline.
  6. You can implement basic segmentation on email engagement. We segment our own data on Active and Inactive Leads and Contacts. You can do this through the email data on opens and clicks. A basic email marketing service will allow you to segment on this basis. Produce ‘reawakening content’ for the inactive segment and be more tailored and specific to the active segment.

If you are a smaller software or technology business, in need of some expert advice when it comes to successful sales and marketing, we can help. If you would like to discuss how to segment your marketing database, or perhaps you haven’t even embarked on email marketing yet, please get in touch with us to arrange an informal free no obligation consultation. Call us on 01536 771440. 


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