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Take Your First Steps to Video Marketing…

Video Marketing Do you use videos as part of your marketing strategy? If not, why not?

We have a great offer for you. Get your marketing messages to your target market in a concise and professional manner.

85% of companies find success with video marketing according to Acsend 2.  Over the next year video marketing will account for 69% of all internet traffic, according to Cisco. With online video becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, all small businesses need to be including it in their marketing strategies.

For a limited time we are offering you a Video Marketing Promotional deal -

For £2995 + VAT only we will create a professional marketing video for you and manage the digital promotion of it. We manage the entire video production process from initial script ideas right through to launch and guidance with your video marketing strategy. CLICK HERE 

INTERESTED? This is a great opportunity to create a marketing video for your software business. 

Choose from any of these video styles:

IMPACT VIDEO - Presentation style video, ideally suited to give an overview of your company services and solutions. It will address the customer’s problems and then promote the solutions you can offer. Learn more…

DOODLE VIDEO - Whiteboard animation style video, perfect for the ‘people person’, taking your customer on a journey using bespoke illustrations. Learn more…

CHARACTER ANIMATION VIDEO - Our animated characterisation video will resonate with positive and enthusiastic personality types. This video style will excite and motivate the viewer. Learn more…


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