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Top 5 Tips - How Can Smaller Software Businesses Increase Online Sign Ups?

Online Sign UpsGetting website visitors to engage with your company website can be a struggle.

You will have heard us talk about our Winning Methodology - our 4 stage sales and marketing process. Attract, Engage, Nurture and Close…

What many businesses struggle with in the first place is attracting prospects into the funnel and knowing how to capture their contact details?

With smaller software businesses in mind we have put together a very helpful set of tips that can help you increase sign ups on your website….

TIP 1: Make sign up quick & easy

Single-field sign up is the way forward. We all know what a turn-off it is when we click to sign up for a newsletter or offer and are consequently redirected to a lengthy form - the bounce rate is really high. All you need to start growing your database is an email address. The rest will follow.

TIP 2: Offer value

Encourage prospects to sign up to your emails and updates by offering value. Within your sign up box tell them they will receive a wealth of top tips, 5 minute guides, latest news and videos. Valuable content and education will draw prospects in. 

TIP 3: Position the sign up carefully

Think about where your sign up form goes on your web or landing page. Make sure it is prominent and in a suitable position so that it doesn’t get lost on the page. The ideal position is at the top of your sidebar and at the bottom of your content – if they are engaged with your content they are more likely to fill out a single-field sign up form. Don’t be afraid to have the sign up form more than once on a page.

TIP 4: Add a sign up to the bottom of your blog

Each time you share your business blog through social media channels, don’t forget to promote a sign up form at the bottom of the blog. If people like your blog and want to know more about your software then make it easy for them to sign up.

TIP 5: Offer subscriber only benefits

Within your sign up box it’s always a good idea to offer subscriber only benefits. Offer special discounts, free trials, access to webinars and videos.

Building relationships with website visitors is vital for your business to grow and succeed. By offering a simple and clear registration process it will help increase conversions and prospect engagement.

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