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Top 5 Tips - The Importance of a Well Maintained Marketing List

Email List The best marketing list is a well maintained one. With 93% of B2B marketers using email marketing, we wanted to offer a little bit of advice on building a quality database for on-going marketing success.

Tip 1: Make signing up easy.

According to Infusionsoft and LeadPages, “45% of SME’s don’t have an email list that prospects can opt into”.

Make sure your sign up form is easily found and stands out. Include it on your website, blog, your email signature and all social media platforms. A top tip is to make sure that if people want to share your email to others then always include a “Forward to a Friend” link. To drive up sign-ups add some value by offering downloads, software trials and incentives.

Tip 2: Keeping your list clean.

Your marketing list will be changing all the time. New people join your list and at the same time others will unsubscribe. When people leave companies, their addresses become invalid and your marketing emails will bounce. Other emails will bounce simply because an inbox is full or because of a server error.

We would recommend that you regularly remove your hard bounces. If you don’t, this could affect your sender reputation. *

Tip 3. Manage inactive list members

We are all guilty of ‘switching off’ from marketing emails but not actually unsubscribing. Marketing lists always have a proportion of inactive users who just DO NOT engage. If they have been inactive for some period of time we wouldn’t recommend removing them straight away. Instead, run a custom re-awakening campaign only to this segment. Ask them if they are still happy to continue receiving your emails and if they want to opt-in again. If they still don’t engage then the likelihood is that they probably never will. If they open or click your email, you can leave them in your list.

Tip 4: Simple unsubscribes

Unsubscribes are a legal requirement and businesses must comply with current regulations as follows:  

  • Make sure the unsubscribe link is easily found and visible in every email you send.
  • Honour opt-out requests within 10 days.
  • Keep your opt-out lists and suppress against these for all future email sends.
  • Enable single click opt-out on any emails.

IMPORTANT: There is nothing to stop you reconnecting with unsubscribes in the future via other marketing channels and activities.

Tip 5: Segment your list.

For any business operating in the B2B sector, we would recommend you consider very carefully how your list is segmented in order to achieve optimal success with your email marketing.

Common list segmentation is carried out by geographics, demographics, engagement levels, interests, type (i.e. prospects or existing customers) and position in the sales funnel.

If you are considering email marketing or managing email marketing campaigns for your smaller software businesses and would like to get some advice from a software marketing expert, please contact us on 01536 771440 or click to GET IN TOUCH.

*A hard bounce is an email that permanently bounces back to the sender because the address is invalid. A hard bounce might occur because the domain name doesn’t exist or because the recipient is unknown. Some mail servers may hard bounce an email address if the message received is suspected as spam. Action should be taken on hard bounced addresses on a regular basis.