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Using a Plan to Sell More Software in 2019

What is your plan to improve on 2018 sales figures and sell more software?

A sales plan will help you: define a set of sales targets for your business and choose sales strategies that are suited to your target market.

Success doesn't come easily to smaller software and technology businesses. It's time to get things moving, achieve the success you want - and sell more software.

5 Step Plan

1. Review your sales and marketing activity in 2018 - what worked, what didn't?

2. Ask yourself, have you achieved a sales process that can be replicated? We help our clients build an effective process by following these steps, so if at this point you are looking to build a successful sales process then this should help:

  • Prospect Identification - How to find relevant engaged leads in your market.
  • Qualification – Identifying the right leads to invest your time in.
  • Needs Analysis/Discovery - Finding out more – understanding the business challenges and their pain points (needs).
  • Solution Demonstration - Presentation of your value proposition.
  • Priced Proposal/Quotation – Your documented solution to their needs.
  • Providing Proof – Relevant evidence of success.
  • Negotiation/Objection Handling – Ironing out the wrinkles.
  • Close the deal.

3. Start to plan and document your sales targets and think about how you will meet your targets.

4. Consider what marketing activities you will need to support and drive your sales strategy.

5. Finally, review your strategy and agreed plans on a regular basis. They don’t have to be set in stone, as your business grows, so will your sales plans.

We have worked with so many smaller software and technology businesses over the years helping them to build robust sales and marketing plans and processes in order for them to sell more software.

"Our advice is this - set some clear, achievable business goals. Don't try to do too much too soon, but seek clarity in what you're trying to achieve."

To help tackle your sales challenges, please download our 5 Minute Guide - 7 Steps to Achieving Winning Sales Performance

7 Steps to Achieving Winning Sales Performance