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Educating and Credibility, Leads to Awareness and Creates Sales Leads 

You probably spend a great deal of time and money generating leads, but how many of those convert to closed deals? Lead nurturing is the process that builds relationships with prospects, even when they're not ready to buy, in order to win their business when they are ready to make that purchase. 

Think of it as a journey for buyers, with your marketing organisation playing the tour guide. You need to give them the information they need to make the buying decision, to keep your product in the forefront of their minds, and to be there when they're finally ready to commit. 

Lead nurturing is the part of the sales and marketing process that's never finished - there's always room to refine, improve and expand your efforts. To deliver our Lead Generation Services we combine our in-house marketing knowledge and expertise, with automation tools, you have total visibility of the lead nurturing process. 

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"We have been working with Terry and his team to develop a new company website and produce all the marketing content to support the Lead Generation Managed Service. We needed to become much more pro-active in generating qualified sales leads. Since we launched our new CN Alloys website and Terry's team have integrated Act-On Marketing Automation Software with our Salesforce CRM the level of enquiries have gone through the roof - it's our highest month ever! Thanks to Terry and the team."
Andrew Clark, Director
CN Alloys