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Selling Software

Win More Customers with an Effective Software Sales Process

"70% of the buying process is already complete before prospects are willing to engage with a sales person." Source: SirriusDecisions. Selling software solutions today is incredibly competitive; customers demand more, research more and expect to find a solution which truly fits their needs.

Sales people need a customer-centric sales approach. One which is focused on how to sell software and use consultative techniques to demonstrate how their solution will solve the customer's problem.

The aim of our flexible sales consultancy programme is to support and educate clients to build an effective and profitable software sales process.

Our programme is drawn from the following:

  1. Prospect Identification – Finding relevant engaged leads in your market.
  2. Prospect Engagement – Opening the dialogue and establishing rapport.
  3. Qualification – Identifying the right leads to invest your time in.
  4. Needs Analysis/Discovery -  Finding out more. Investing time to understand the business challenges, their pain points (needs) and what this means to their business.
  5. Solution Demonstration - Presentation of your solution and value proposition.
  6. Priced Proposal/Quotation – Documenting your solution to their needs in a winning priced proposal.
  7. Providing Proof – Presenting a range of relevant evidence of success.
  8. Negotiation/Objection Handling – Ironing out the wrinkles and agreeing the right way forward.
  9. Close the deal - moving on to delivering the solution.

This step-by-step process forms the foundation of any sales improvement programme at Terry Forsey Consulting

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"Terry has the combination of a wonderful deep knowledge of the technology sector and sales & marketing methods that work. He is able to deliver help in extremely pragmatic ways that achieve quick results. As a bonus he's personable and fun to work with."
Peter Dickinson, Owner
Greentree International, Albany, NZ