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"The knowledge and expertise of the team at Terry Forsey Consulting have helped us to successfully establish our inbound marketing initiative by guiding us through the set-up of systems and procedures. When faced with the potentially overwhelming array of options and areas to focus on Terry Forsey helps you to keep it simple and brings a practiced eye to making the right mix of decisions for your particular aims and objective."
John Shirley, Managing Director
Hark Solutions Ltd
"The team at Terry Forsey Consultancy have “done us proud”, they have helped us design and build a great looking new website with compelling messages about the benefits of engaging our services. In addition, they created a superb 1-minute video that informs potential customers about how we can help them. This video was used as part of a successful LinkedIn campaign. As a result we have converted LinkedIn Impressions into Clicks and Interactions, driven people to our website and gained new customers as a result. The team at Terry Forsey are always helpful and supportive and have stood alongside us, as an extension of our own management team, to guide us through this journey of growth and development as a business."
Ian Londesbrough, Managing Director
Buitech Ltd
"Terry's team have just finished working on our character animation video, this our second project with Terry Forsey Consulting. We have once again found the quality to be high, the delivery on time and it exceeded our expectations."
Vivek Rao, Managing Director
"The difficult process of creating the right marketing video was made simple by Terry and his team. The end result was a stylish, eye catching video that succinctly portrayed our company and its services."
Edward Hall, Founder and Managing Director
Qualification Check
"When we saw our final video our immediate reaction was "We love it". You have managed to accurately distil the essence of what we do into one minute and bring that to life with great graphics. Many thanks to all of your team."
Rachel Rice, CEO
Veho Solutions Limited
"I worked with Terry Forsey Consulting to create a new video that would get across our core messages to a target market. They helped create a script that got across our key points to make a compelling story.The animations and the conceptual quality were of a very high standard. Customer reaction was extremely positive and the video will play a key role in our marketing campaigns to drive traffic to our website."
Carole Chandler, Sales & Marketing Director
Halcyon Software
“We have been working with Terry Forsey Consultancy since early 2013. The combination of marketing automation services and executive consultancy have empowered and stimulated the team. This has provided an experienced, external perspective which has helped us really get to the root of our challenges and successfully grow from there.”
Adam Laird, Marketing Director
"Like most small business owners I am incredibly busy all the time. When it comes to tackling newly qualified sales leads, it’s essential that I focus my time and resources on the hottest prospects and not every web enquiry that comes into the business."
Dave Riley, Director
Innovation Software
"By automating my marketing process I can engage with everyone who visits my website then rapidly filter those that are ready for a sales call. My pipeline is the strongest I have seen it for many years."
Sarfraz Ahmad, Managing Director
Centrepoint Computer Services Ltd
"We implemented Act-On in our business about 18 months ago. Before this we had a range of marketing tools and a CRM system which were not integrated. We now have greater visibility of leads and where they come from; we have integrated Act-on into our CRM system and also our web enabled forms. We now have better forensics and can identify our top performing campaigns, webinars or trade events in terms of response and hot leads can be automatically passed to sales. We can prove ROI to the board and accurate measurement helps enormously in budget planning and allocating future marketing spend".
Carole Chandler, Sales & Marketing Director
Halcyon Software