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Focus on topics certain leads will like

We have all heard the saying that “Content is King” and this is essential when trying to nurture prospects. Lead nurturing helps software businesses to send content to prospects that is timely, relevant and what they are interested in.  

Early on in the lead nurturing process you will be able to identify the products and services your prospect is interested in. It is very easy to identify what landing pages they have looked at, what they have downloaded and what they have clicked on. Using intelligent marketing automation software, a relatively new concept, we are able to automatically trigger ‘hot prospects' into more targeted nurturing streams. Nurturing streams, if you are not familiar with this term, are automated programs that send timely e-communications to your prospects over a period of time, focusing on the products/services that they have shown interest in. But remember this doesn't mean you have to go into hard sell mode, send them communications that will benefit them.  

As well as marketing your products your communications could be topical news items, communications that educate, information on offers etc. For more information on Lead Nurturing, please download our whitepaper Converting Casual Enquiries into Sales Ready Leads.