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Successful Selling - The Bare Minimum!

Selling – it’s not all about you! It’s not even all about what you’re selling.

The truth is that any sales process should start with your customer – and with that in mind you should consider the benefits of ‘selling naked’.

Don’t panic, you don’t need to fear the autumn chills or any accusations of inappropriate behaviour. This is simply a different approach to selling, and one that removes the glossy, tech-driven content and demos and replaces it with, well, just you.

Selling naked means going into sales meetings armed with little more than a notebook, a pen, and a friendly smile. Strip away everything else, and you’re left focusing on your customer. Because you have nothing to fall back on, no laptop screen to divert attention, you need to keep that conversation moving forward, making your customer feel valued and understood.

It doesn’t have to be face-to-face, we’ve all become very much more comfortable with video calls in the past few months, but even over a remote connection, it’s still possible, and important, to keep it simple, get down to the basics of your customer’s situation and their needs.

Without knowing what a customer wants from your software, it’s impossible to offer advice. High-level functionality may be important to you, but all they want to know is whether you can meet their business needs - anything else is not important. It’s inevitable that some parts of your software may not be relevant – find out what’s important and concentrate on that so that you can present a complete solution that truly meets their needs.

Once you know that, from your good old hand-written notes, you can begin to see how best to sell your solution to them. When you know exactly what they need, it’s easier to convince them of your product’s value, without resorting to all-purpose glossy presentations that will almost certainly bombard them with too much information much of which is neither need nor want.

The first appointment needs to go no further than that. If you’ve embraced naked selling, they’ll feel you’ve listened to them and gained a good understanding. A follow-up meeting then allows you to go back to them armed with a clear vision of their needs and the best way to approach deliver a valuable solution. 

This simple tip is just one of the many ways in which we challenge small to medium-sized software businesses to reassess their sales techniques to achieve greater success.

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