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Code of Conduct - Professional Standards

Terry Forsey is an Independent consultant and trading name of Terry Forsey Consulting Limited providing professional services by:

  • Listening carefully to identify, investigate and deal with a range of problems including, strategy, finance, marketing and staff development;
  • ​Formulating recommendations for appropriate action through factual investigation and analysis with regard for broader management and business implications;
  • Working with the client to agree on the most appropriate course of action and providing assistance with implementation;
  • Dealing with the affairs of the client in strict confidence;
  • Striving continually to improve his own professional skills and,
  • Maintain a high quality of service; and, maintaining high standards of personal conduct and performance.

This Code of Practice is based on the SBS Code of conduct which was prepared by the Institute of Management Consultancy.

Principle 1: Meeting clients' requirements

Terry Forsey shall regard the clients' requirements and interests as paramount at all times.

1.1 Terry Forsey will only accept assignments for which he is suitably qualified.

1.2 Before accepting an assignment, Terry Forsey shall clearly define, in writing, the terms and conditions of the assignment including the scope, nature and period of the service to be provided, key stages with milestones, the allocation of responsibilities and the basis for remuneration.

1.3 Terry Forsey may subcontract work and shall take responsibility for the quality of that work.

1.4 Terry Forsey will hold as strictly confidential all information concerning the affairs of clients unless the clients have released such information for public use, or have given specific permission for its disclosure. (Where funding rules require disclosure, the terms and nature of the disclosure will be explained in advance of an agreement to proceed and be confirmed in writing.)

1.5 Terry Forsey will develop recommendations specifically to address each client's problems; such solutions shall be realistic and practicable, and clearly understood by the client.

1.6 Terry Forsey will encourage and take note of client feedback and assist in the production of any required performance report at the end of each project.

1.7 Terry Forsey will leave with the client a sufficiently comprehensive written report to act as a reference.

1.8 Terry Forsey will undertake careful planning, frequent progress reviews and effective controls.

1.9 Terry Forsey will refrain from inviting any employee of a client to consider alternative employment unless agreed with the client.

Principle 2: Independence, objectivity, integrity

Terry Forsey shall avoid any action or situation inconsistent with his professional obligations or which in any way might be seen to impair their integrity.

2.1 Terry Forsey will maintain a fully independent position with the client at all times, making certain that advice and recommendations are based upon thorough impartial consideration of all pertinent facts and circumstances and on opinions developed from reliable relevant experience.

2.2 Terry Forsey will declare at the earliest opportunity any special relationships, circumstances or business interests which might influence or impair judgement or objectivity on a particular assignment.

2.3 Terry Forsey shall not serve a client under terms or conditions which might impair independence, objectivity or integrity; he will reserve the right to withdraw if conditions, beyond his control, develop to interfere with the successful conduct of the assignment.

2.4 Terry Forsey shall not take discounts, commissions or gifts as an inducement to show favour to any person or body.

2.5 Terry Forsey will advise the client of any significant reservations about the client's expectation of benefits from an engagement. They will not accept an engagement in which he cannot serve the client effectively.

2.6 Terry Forsey will not indicate any short term benefits at the expense of the long-term welfare of the client, without advising the client of the implications.

2.7 Terry Forsey will discuss and agree with the client any significant changes in the objectives, scope, approach, anticipated benefits or other aspects of the engagement which might arise during the course of carrying it out.

Principle 3: Responsibility to the profession

Terry Forsey shall, at all times, conduct himself in a manner which will enhance the standing and public regard of the profession.

3.1 Terry Forsey recognises the need to ensure that his knowledge and skills are kept up to date and will take appropriate action to this end, (including active participation in continuing professional development programmes).

3.2 Terry Forsey will not knowingly, without permission, use copyright material, or a client's proprietary data, or materials or techniques that others have developed but have not released for public use.

3.3 Terry Forsey will not accept an assignment from a client knowing that another firm is serving the client in a similar capacity unless assured that any potential conflict between the two assignments is recognised by, and has the consent of, the client.

3.4 When asked by a client to review the work of another professional, Terry Forsey will exercise the objectivity, integrity and sensitivity required in all technical and advisory conclusions communicated to the client.

3.5 Terry Forsey will negotiate agreements and charges for professional services only in a professional manner.

3.6 Terry Forsey, in publicising work or making representations to a client, shall ensure that the information given is:

  • factual and relevant;
  • is neither misleading nor unfair to others; and,
  • ​is not otherwise discreditable to the profession.

3.7 Terry Forsey will acknowledge individual rights and choices and ensure he treats all customers and colleagues with respect.