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"By automating my marketing process I can engage with everyone who visits my website then rapidly filter those that are ready for a sales call. My pipeline is the strongest I have seen it for many years."
Sarfraz Ahmad, Managing Director
Centrepoint Computer Services Ltd
"We implemented Act-On in our business about 18 months ago. Before this we had a range of marketing tools and a CRM system which were not integrated. We now have greater visibility of leads and where they come from; we have integrated Act-on into our CRM system and also our web enabled forms. We now have better forensics and can identify our top performing campaigns, webinars or trade events in terms of response and hot leads can be automatically passed to sales. We can prove ROI to the board and accurate measurement helps enormously in budget planning and allocating future marketing spend".
Carole Chandler, Sales & Marketing Director
Halcyon Software
"The support provided by Terry Forsey Consulting in embedding Act-On into our business has transformed our own approach to marketing communications and social media therein. It is an intuitive and highly effective tool built around an innate understanding of marketing and how to optimise it, at the core. We were walked through the concept, set-up and execution, step by step and are now benefitting from the training needed to be able to spread our wings and create an integrated marketing communications plan across several products and services."
Annette Gann, Director
Camden 360 Communications
"We have been working with Terry and his team to develop a new company website and produce all the marketing content to support the Lead Generation Managed Service. We needed to become much more pro-active in generating qualified sales leads. Since we launched our new CN Alloys website and Terry's team have integrated Act-On Marketing Automation Software with our Salesforce CRM the level of enquiries have gone through the roof - it's our highest month ever! Thanks to Terry and the team."
Andrew Clark, Director
CN Alloys
"We engaged with Terry Forsey Consulting as we wanted to enable ourselves to get our messages and content over to the right people, at the right time to attract website visitors, and to nurture and educate prospective customers. Our marketing approach had to be as advanced and automated as our own offering. Terry Forsey and his team managed our integration with Act-On Marketing Automation software and helped us to identify and use the intelligence we gather in the most effective and measurable way. This has given us greater visibility of our leads, measures of marketing and sales outcome and a clearer a view of where we’re spending money and ROI."
Gaynor McGrail, Marketing Manager
ETZ Timesheet Solutions
"Terry demonstrated to me the need to formulate an organised response to a customer enquiry and prevent them from going elsewhere. We now employ dedicated staff to this end, chasing customers, ensuring we respond to their needs and monitoring our website and social media. This has led to our highest ever sales. Thank you for our much needed wake up call Terry!"
Martin Tomkins, Owner and Director
Border Software
"Terry has the combination of a wonderful deep knowledge of the technology sector and sales & marketing methods that work. He is able to deliver help in extremely pragmatic ways that achieve quick results. As a bonus he's personable and fun to work with."
Peter Dickinson, Owner
Greentree International, Albany, NZ
"Terry has successfully helped us evaluate some of the challenges facing our software business. I have found his experience highly valuable as we find our way as a young software business. I am sure we will continue to work together in the future."
John Dawson, Director
Marketing QED, London
"Terry is a highly professional sales and marketing coach - but he is far more than that. Add to this his mentoring capabilities, his ability to drill down to the critical issues and his inventive way of enabling you to solve them - and you have a very powerful force on your side. We have had an on-going long term relationship with Terry since 2002 and he has helped us transform our business by helping us put in place winning strategies and manage the challenges of real growth. His style is good humoured, friendly, supportive and pragmatic, and he always delivers on time."
Carole Chandler, Sales and Marketing Director
Halcyon Software, Peterborough
"As consultants ourselves, we're very aware of the impact that good strategic advice can have on a business. Terry's expert guidance has been a critical factor in the successful transformation of our sales and marketing area."
Julian Stulher, Director
Triton Consulting, Norwich