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The Value of Non Exec Directors in Helping Software & Technology companies Grow their Business

Most people have heard the term Non-Executive Director often without actually knowing what they are, much less what they can potentially do for a small and growing Software or Technology business to help them achieve growth.

But those who are in on the Non-Executive secret, know that they can add knowledge, contacts and general 'been there, done that’ guidance, to a company's management team. All of which cannot fail to be of value to a company whatever its size and this is particularly important when businesses have to chart the uncertain and unfamiliar waters of new challenges.

Research has shown that companies with one or more Non-Executive Directors perform better financially than those without.

For many growing Software & Technology companies, selecting a Non-Executive Director with a strong Sales and Marketing background can often provide balance to an otherwise technically focused Board.

"Since Terry joined us we have gone from being one of the "also-rans" to UK market leader in our field - we are the company that all our competitors now fear."

Lorraine Cousins, MD Halcyon Software, Peterborough

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